Our approach

Improving quality is the greatest challenge that the winemakers of our territory have had to take up over the last few decades thanks to their uninterrupted work, and driven by their attachment to this exceptional terroir.

Beyond this legitimate commitment to constantly improving quality, we now have the added challenge of respecting the environment. The winemakers of this area have understood this and most of them already practice reasoned agriculture, both in cooperative and private wineries, and make every effort to ensure that the standards and objectives established and set at European and national level are respected, achieved and surpassed.

In this dynamic context, we are committed to a step-by-step process of reducing phytosanitary inputs so that the pleasure of consuming is accompanied by the satisfaction of a minimal impact on our health and our environment.

Whether the harvest is mechanical (at night) for the white grapes, or manual for the reds, the grapes, after destemming, are transported and stored in optimal conditions.

From harvesting to vinification and maturing, hygiene and control of the environment in which we handle the grapes and then the juices and wines enable us to limit or even eliminate sulphite inputs.

For nearly four campaigns now, it is with passion that all the members of our Tribe have been working to accelerate this mutation and to make the wines of the Domaine de la Vaillère progress and become better known.